131# "I got 5 on it" featuring Come Soon Poses & Hood City Ego.

Pose: Come Soon Poses In the Pub 02 - Pose @Men Only Monthly
Scene: *CS* In the Pub - 02 - Full Scene
Props: *CS* In the Pub 02 - Chalk F 
          *CS* In the Pub 02 - Chalk M1 
          *CS* In the Pub 02 - Chalk M2 
Shirt: [Pumpkin] Basic tee

Pants: [Syn] Jensen Pants 

Hair: Unorthodox Obama Hairbase

Brows: Clef de Peau:Eyebrows 19 Black


Sweater: *BOND7* The Westpoint Cardigan @Sir Monthly

Pants: [AB] Globe Master Jeans @Men Only Monthly

Glasses: [Z O O M] Ozzy Sunglass

Hair: Unorthodox Gifted Mohawk Hair

Facial hair: Unorthodox Tuff Clean Beard

Right side:
Outfit: LA Lakers HCE
Jacket: MESH Mens Lakers Jacket
Pants: Blaq Jeans
Shoes: AF1s - P&G

Bandana: Line2 Apparel * Unisex Mesh Bandanna

Necklace: [BODY FACTORY] Chain Necklace (Deep-Gold)

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